Sherrie Fernandez-Williams

Author of Soft: A Memoir

About my Book 


is the girl who grew up in the projects of Brooklyn, who escaped by making hard choices.  She realizes as early as third grade how “frightening freedom can be”-a metaphor not only for the freedom she allowed herself that day in third grade to write, right on through recess, but a  foreshadowing of the freedom she would embrace as she eventually escapes from a love-less, abusive marriage.  Fernandez-Williams admits she, early on, knew “that shame was the shortest distance between a point and the psychiatric unit.”  She “left it, back in Brooklyn,” “whatever was just too damn heavy”  and moved to the Midwest newly married, with a college degree, only to discover her life had soon become “Tempered by the Midwest, tempered by marriage, by age, by middle-classdom, by religiosity,and [her] longings for small houses and station wagons.” 

Fernandez-William’s dream of adopting a child is offset by the realities of mothering.  Her love for her unloving husband is offset by years of knowing she loved women. Jesus is the savior Fernandez-Williams clings to, even as her belief in Christianity wanes.

-- Sherry Quan Lee, author of Chinese Blackbird, How to Write a Suicide Note, and Love Imagined: a mixed race memoir

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